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Are your drains running smoothly?

posted Jun 20, 2013, 6:06 PM by Fred William
Drains Running Smoothly
Every home has a drainage system, and the pipes will eventually become clogged over time. It is important to keep the drainage system open because if left unattended there could be serious plumbing problems down the road. It is not a difficult process to keep the system open, and free flowing any licensed can help. To help home owners understand the importance of an open drainage system here are some facts about the issue. People may not realize it, but clogged drains are breeding grounds for bacteria. Germs can easily grow in this environment. This can lead to disease.

The over the counter drain cleaners are not enough to do the job. They simply remove clogs in the pipe, but they do nothing to remove the stuff that has built up over time along the walls of the pipe. As long as this stuff remains, clogs will continue to happen again and again.

The first line of defense is to have a plumber come and flush the pipe. This will eliminate the build up in the pipe and alongside the wall as well. Minerals are another reason why the drains become clogged. These mineral deposits are the result of hard water that causes calcium to build up in the pipes. A plumber will get rid of these deposits before they can cause problems in the sink or water heater.

Summer time is the time when trees grow and they sprout leaves, but underneath the surface, the roots are also growing. They are extending their roots into the drains because they are attracted to the nutrients that are in the pipes. This is the yet another reason the pipes are clogged.

Grease is another culprit. Just because it goes down the drain hot does not mean it stays that way. In fact, it will definitely harden before it completely flushes through. These reasons should be enough to let home owners know how important it is to have the drains flushed professionally at least once a year.

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